Little Big PS3

Theme by HikariNoSenshi

My first PS3 theme! SD probably looks awful, but the HD version is really where it’s at! ;p
I’m hoping this will get me a job @ Media Molecule! If you have any questions or issues with this version, please send me a message via PS3! User = HikariNoSenshi
Download Here

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ye me 2, i downloaded this theme, here in the website looks AWEASOME! but on the PS3 its totaly diferent…


yea i download this from my ps3 n it look nothing lie this 1


This is great! I thought that it would be a little busy to read the text, but once it was on the machine it looked amazing! Sounds are pretty good too. the smacking sound I got when trying to leave the Store sorta caught me off guard, I had to laugh a little.