Little Big PS3 Ver. 2.0

Theme by HikariNoSenshi

New to Ver. 2.0:
– Three new backgrounds: MGS, SF4, & GoW!
– SD Backgounds improved!
– This theme has 1 more version… the Final one…
Questions or issues? Message me via PS3! User = HikariNoSenshi

Ver. 1.0:
My first PS3 theme! SD probably looks awful, but the HD version is really where it’s at! ;p
I’m hoping this will get me a job @ Media Molecule! If you have any questions or issues with this version, please send me a message via PS3! User = HikariNoSenshi
Download Here

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I really love this theme!!!


nice try, always like multiple wallpapers > but doing the top row 9 is kinda lazy and barely on the line of meshing well.