Killzone 3 Animated Window


HD killzone 3 background with custom icons and custom animation …. enjoy
Download Here
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, thanks man the whole scren you say , it couldnt work to much animation going on for full screen it wouldnt fit in 15 frames… wow its been a while simce i made one about a year, when i can i will pump em out again im honing my artist skills atm


I Love the video window, just wish it was the whole screen. Just wanted to also let you know i am a fan of your themes. Top notch quality and you just keep pumping them out like a machine. Keep up the good work man.
Thanks, StEpS.

mr white

honestly, i didn’t really like this ………………………game, :P, i just found KZ2 to be much better. this game seemed kinda rushed, capitalizing on the success of part 2. but KZ 2 seemed more planned out. the action seemed better and more intense too on the second game, especially the final push to the palace at the end, talk about insane action. the helghast try so hard to keep you from reaching it, they just come out in massive numbers to stop you. you feel so daunted, until you find a flamethrower dropped by one of them. oh the screams!!!!


i’ll be patiently waiting for them ^_^


thanks again for your comments , yeah the shot effect is cool .. has been improved for version 2.0 im going to release it full screen ..
and your welcome.


: Uh! Never played the game, but… I have to say you did a great job again!
I REALLY like the “shots effect” you created!
Your works are veeery good, mate, so… once again, you got a much-deserved +1! πŸ˜€

Well… my health could be better, but I’m fine, after all… thank you very much!
(A fan? Oh man… I’m really glad to know I still have fans here, considering I’m no more able to make themes like before… Thanks a lot, mate! :D)


Nice theme +1 i have played this game and its addicting ^^


will do 4 sure,, … (SOCOM_AUS) my psn id … sweet im glad you liked them.. more realeased soon …


i downloaded this while i was at work 1st thing when i went home well eat i was hungry anyhoo after that i installed your animated themes from youtube the media thing like i said before just awesome & flawless & can’t wait for killzone hd collection *_* thank you kindly 5/5


Yo audiodeviant, add me on PSN. same name


nice job +1 πŸ™‚


Thanks I like it +1


thanks man …


Another great theme. Keep ’em comin’ +1


: ) thanks Exel ..


Man The Theme Are Amazing & Again its a great work +1 πŸ˜€