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11 thoughts on “Jade Dynamic Theme

  1. Thank you for this. Is anyone interested in creating a Frost Dynamic Theme? (The character Frost from Mortal Kombat) It could be similar to a Sub-Zero Theme I guess. Maybe with a gentle snow fall or something?

  2. Hey bro SWEET! jade dynamic i have the sony full HD and it looks great on my TV THANX! I only have one request, could u Make one of sindel. Perhaps in the temple where she sort of slotters everyone PLEASE!!!!

  3. looks pretty awesome! one problem i’ve come across though is the browser’s cursor points are off. you might want to adjust them so they point to what you’re clicking. i think they’re all set to a default that doesn’t coincide with what you’re seeing (i.e. tip of arrow or finger tip or pencil tip).

  4. Yavan:

    could you move jade down a little? her feet just suddenly end, you have the best dynamic themes

    yeah what he said it cuts off bigtime just move her down or give her feet.

  5. Gaming in SD should not be allowed!!! Live in the now!! You shouldn’t be asking him to make a SD theme, you should be asking yourself why you don’t have an HD Tv by now. Then doing something about getting one. =)

  6. you always manage to get a character and explain who that person is with the right background and the right color. this goes for all the other MK character themes you made. 5 out of 5 stars

  7. Do not download. When i hit apply it automatically took me to restore my ps3 and couldn’t back out of it. Now i can’t sign into psn it messed up so bad.

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