Heavy Rain Theme

Theme by UPM

A theme for this fantastic game!

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i loved this game………i will try this theme for sure


can you make a Madison Paige theme ??


Downloaded the theme. Can’t comment on it just yet since I’ve yet to install it but *clap clap* at your description of the game. I think it’s a masterpiece and David Cage SHOULD get the praise/props/ kudos/ what have you he DESERVES!!! Must give sony a big up as well. They’re taking constant risks by introducing/ helping devs introduce new products/ ip’s to us the consumers. Cell processor, bluray, folding, LBP, Heavy Rain (granted Indigo Prophecy/ Farenheit suceeds HR), Flower, upcoming mod nation racers etc. and that’s just off what’s in my crap memory. Thanks for sharing.


Oh I must say 1 thing:
these theme has 4 differents backgrounds.
1 for each character.
I have to explane the icons.
I choose these type of icon because it’s like glass,a breakable thing.
It’s of course related to the game this choice.
The game offers a lot of choices and different situations and a lot of them are “bad” for the player.
I don’t want to spoiler everything but these situations literally break in 2 parts the soul of the player.
Or at least I have these feelings during the game.
I hoper that you’ll like it ^^