GTA V – Theme 1 V1.0

Theme by DMac77

GTA V Inspired Theme, 16 HD & SD Pictures, Some custom Icons & Sounds. I would like to thank Amr Zaxi for the Main Menu Icons.
Download Here
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Amr Zaxi

not bad πŸ™‚


thes are cool themes

Ahmed mohammed:

nice and lovly what its really nice

Ahmed mohammed

nice and lovly what its really nice


hey DMAC could you please make a theme with the blond girl in the two piece swimsuit holding the cell phone and holding up the peace sign i would appreciate it DMac. i have all the gta 5 themes so far but no one has made that one of her.


Sorry Faxtron about the Halo icon, It was from another theme I used as an template for building this theme. Only the Main Menu Icons are in GTA V theme, all the other icons are random.


Thanks for the theme is very cool but one Halo icon in a GTA theme ? Why ?