GTA V – Slideshow Theme

Theme by Iron Dante

15 HD Wallpapers -Icons by: charli_el_ enjoy!
Download Here
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Iron Dante

by downloading an image you like and when you set this theme as your main just go to set background and add the image you want.

comment image

This is the wallpaper you are looking for right? Download the image to your PS3 install my theme and set the image as a background.



Iron Dante

Hey there, it’s kind of easy for me to create the slideshow themes since i have everything ready in a folder. Rather than a still image one.

However if you want 1 with an image not moving ( 1 image only ) you can set this theme and set a background image of gta that you like.


Hey Man! Could you make a version of this theme without being in Slideshow? Only with the Background of GTA SA? (What have two guys shooting inside a car …)
Thank you!