GT5 McLaren F1 Monochrome

Theme by nux-customz

Hey guys, this is my second theme I’ve created. It has 7 HD & SD backgrounds of my McLaren F1, taken & edited by me using GT5’s Photomode & Photoshop. Majority of the icons are from alba’s “GT5 Theme” – save data mini icon is from GlowBall’s “Gran Turismo Slide Show” theme. (I created the video upload icon, trophy icon, power off icon & the now playing icon).
I hope you guys enjoy this theme 😀 CHEERS!
Download Here
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No problem, mate: keep up the good work! 😀


Thanks for the feedback, glad you like it. I’ve been thinking about making my own icons however I just don’t have enough time at the moment. Too bad I already uploaded my next theme with the same icons, maybe I can do an icon update on that theme later on when I have more time.


nux-customz: Tell me what you think guys.Good or Bad? Well, as big GT fan since its debut on PS1 (although this GT5 disappointed me a little :(…) I can only say you did a good job! As longstanding themer, I think you should try making custom icons: that’s because (as I always said to all those who start making themes) backgrounds can be found and/or edited easily, but in my opinion, icons are what really distingueshes a theme from another… Now, I really like the backgrounds you made and I find you did a good choice by using Alba’s icons,… Read more »


Awesome, this my theme ryt now 😀


Tell me what you think guys.
Good or Bad?