GT5 F1 Animated

Theme by luisferna

GT5 F1 Animated with original sounds and custom icons by Alba.

Enjoy !
Download Here

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The F1 animated doesn’t work properly! Please fix A.S.A.P.! I am a huge F1 fan! Also, the alternate links that were given contain the same F1 animated theme that doesn’t work properly!

thexfactor23 (PS3 Themes Member)


The animation still doesn’t work for me, even when I use either of the two alternative links.

The background shows briefly but then crashes going back to the default.

I’m running System Software version 4.00 if that makes a difference.


hey como lo haceis yo no se como hacerlos..que envidia


its ok. just thought i’d point it out coz its probably the best theme that i have seen in a while. thanks for the updated version


Here another download for those have problems with mediafire :


Oh man thanks a lot for the observation and suggestion…The answer its simple the error was mine because I compiled the final .p3t. The theme its from luisferna the only thing that he asked for help and I provide the files, make somes correction in the anim_1 and I made ​​the final compilation…But here its the fixed version :
The whole idea is from luisferna, myself only assisted in the process, so all credit to him.


why is there a rage image at the end?