Gran Turismo 6

Theme by DemiGod7

About the theme: Static theme with icons inspired by the menu colors of GT6 (a couple of screenshots have appeared) featuring a clean style. Nothing special about the background, you can change it if you like.

Other: I do realise my theme is not as good as Alba’s GT5 theme but I seriously wanted to leave my own mark on the theme which is why I used different icons with different colors and stuff. I am sure better GT6 themes will appear over the time, but I hope this one keeps you until then! I picked this background because it really shows the quality of the interior design which is magnificent for a machine on its 7th year.

About the game: I am excited. Very excited. It’s the only title I am looking forward to of all the games coming out this winter. Polyphony celebrating 15 years of Gran Turismo with yet another exceptional title in the critically acclaimed series which still manages to evolve. Each title is an improvement over the previous one and this has been going on for 15 years. I am naturally excited for this one which hits in about 4 weeks!
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@DemiGod7: Uh… can’t wait to see it! ๐Ÿ˜€ As for GT6 (game) – Well, I really really hope so, my friend. You know, looks like the number 5 is killing nearly all the series I’ve loved more over time: Resident Evil [ 5 ], Gran Turismo [ 5 ], and now Grand Theft Auto, just to make an example… I too am reading a lot of news about GT6, but all I see for now is just the game that GT5 should have been from the beginning: it took years for GT5 and despite this, the game turned out to… Read more »


@OPTIMUS I made another GT6 theme and submitted it….you’ll see it soon ๐Ÿ˜‰ As for the game, trust me on this: I have been playing G for years, just like you. GT5 was indeed a disappointment, but only because Sony rushed it. GT6 is the game that GT5 was supposed to be. No more XP system. No more Used Car Dealership. New and better cars, more tracks, better online, better tuning/customization/upgrading, better user interface and pretty much the game is an overall improvement on everything over GT5. I have been folowing all the news closely, and I know exactly what… Read more »


@DemiGod7: Very nice theme, my friend! Thanks and +1! (But… why just 1 background? :P) You know, honestly I’d really like to see the series getting back to the origins a little: I love Gran Turismo since its debut on PS1 and I never missed one (included “Prologue” games), but I sadly have to say I got disappointed by GT5, and it even was the first game of the series I never completed 100%… I don’t know how to explain, but I see that several things have gone lost over time. The series always improved, becoming better and better in… Read more »


Actually, they are using a Playstation dev kit and the game is coded for PS3 using the Cell Processor which is not what the PC is using….also, they would have to do a partnership with Steam and the game would get completely destroyed with mods.


What I mean is that it’s developed on a PC and then put onto PS3 so they should put it out on PC and then they could create more income allowing the developers to put more research and time into making it the best simulator possible. It is a viable option because it’s still not on every platform and it would make PC gamers interested in buying a PS for other exclusives because they’ve seen first hand how good they are.


– cuz polyphony is sony first party studio?;p Its like asking why sony making games for ps3…


Nice theme +1
I still don’t get why they don’t make the game for PC, it would look awesome.