God of War HD

Theme by MarcoNix

15 HD pics NO SD pics
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that is AWESOME


Oh joy you added GOW pics to the same icons that have been on this site for years. No effort, no talent, or creatively. Literally you just added wallpapers you liked over someone’s icons that have been used to death on this site. I could just download the same pics, use the original theme I have (that first used these icons), set the wallpaper to those pics & have your “theme”. Thanks for putting your time in but be creative. Make your own icons, make them relate to the backgrounds, don’t just copy & paste.


And DMC only HD comes in 1-7 days


Its the best God Of War theme on this website so far!!!
I only started this account a couple of days ago, but still, this is the theme that represents God Of War

chris redfield

It’s really a good theme but my only complaint is some of the pictures you chosen I wouldn’t have but that is a matter of opinion. +1 mate ๐Ÿ™‚