God of War: Ascension

Theme by Kirbz

A God of War: Ascension theme inspired by the new beta that recently came out. Made with Yogasan’s God of War: Series icons and Jubei808’s God of War 3 HD theme icons combined, with a few edited icons that I added in that were missing from both theme’s. The theme also includes 5 HD+SD Wallpapers, with no custom sounds. Enjoy!

Also, I will update this theme when more official wallpapers come out.
Download Here

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thank you very nice theme




Found some better quality of the same wallpapers and a alternative version of the Ares wallpaper. You can download them individually at deviantart page.


Glad you guy’s like it!
I’ll do my best to fix the visibility issues with the icons and notification box in the next update. Let me know if there is anymore I can do to improve the theme, I’d greatly appreciate it. I was going to use Yogosan’s (miss his work) other GOW3 icons but it had too much GOW3 symbols. So I chose these icons instead because they were easier to edit and had less of a GOW3 look.


i meant make the icons brighter * not darker ….


Mother of god…..tis is beautiful….


Man ! this is really nice …. Just a suggestion for when you update? … could you change the notification colo? because it barely shows … and if you could make the icons a bit darker because its hard to see with the background (i know you can turn down the brightness, but that will ruin the theme in my opinion).

Other than that, this is a really good theme and i have it on my PS3 right now ^_^ Good job, +1