God of War Ascension Kratos Dynamic Theme

Theme by Mr_Foxx

all sub icons made by me enjoy.
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The Punisher

For me it was cooler than the officer.


Nice animation, but the icons ruin it imo

The Cult Of Personality

Well ima get off dude. I might get on psn today or tommrow. I got dishonored and im soo disspointed at it. I thought it would be like skyrim or fallout. But no! its not a rpg. I wish i hadent of bought it. Iv been busy with fallout 3 lately. im almost a lvl 18. Well have a good day uLtRaMa6nEt1c

The Cult Of Personality

what the heck? i already voted for this theme and its leting me again. im confused.

The Cult Of Personality

same here


I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but not liking God of War sounds CRAZY πŸ˜€


Haha, me too man. Just jokes. πŸ˜€
But that does happen to people sometimes. Just substitute brother for sister, son, daughter, etc.

The Cult Of Personality

I dont have a brother. I just dont like god of war. And dont get your underweaer bunched up in a knot. i was kidding.

The Cult Of Personality

Now what good is it if the cult of “PERSONALITY” dosent make pepole lagh? I respect everybody on this site becase the hard work and time into these themes. I love to make pepole lagh. And its something im good at.


Haha nah. What happened, your little brother signed in and went nuts real quick? πŸ˜€

The Cult Of Personality

na man, im just messing around. im not serious. Arent you the leader of this site? you got like 200 themes made.

The Cult Of Personality

hey was up?


thecultof ‘PERSONALITY’ huh? hahaha

The Cult Of Personality

wanna talk optimus?

The Cult Of Personality

I bet he was doing something noty up those steps.

The Cult Of Personality

you know, since to even participate in the theme compition. Im gonna say what i think of the theme. here i go. This theme sucks, hes just standing there breathing. Who whats a theme of a ugly looking pervert breathing??? I think this guy is gay. Hes got some kinda paint on his body. And hes breathing heavy. He just get done walking down some steps and HES ALREADY BREATHING HEAVY! wow.


thanks for the feeback guys apreciate it even the two thumbs down thanks feedback is feedback.

The Cult Of Personality

+1 Its diffrent. But cool. Il never like god of war or understand it.

mrj QQQ



how to get a avatar picture?


Good job +1


how do i mk da pic move or it does it automatically?

Dequan Aquil

Great Theme , +1


real nice , well done +1


Veeery nice, mate! +1! πŸ˜€


Awesome theme πŸ™‚ Thanks !


Cool animation +1