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God Of War 3

Theme by GDee84

This is my first theme, it has 7 backgrounds all of them in HD only. I got the pictures from the internet and i retouched them a lil bit to make them look better. I was looking all over the internet for a god of war theme and i couldn’t find one that i would like so i decided to make one.

Download Here

6 thoughts on “God Of War 3

  1. lol i doubt any1 has made that 1… never even thought of it.. u should give it a try, it’s really not that hard.. Biggest thing is getting the photos the right size and I find it works better if you keep them 1.70MB or smaller..

  2. VERY NICE THEME.. very nice detail on icons and cool sounds as well.. Only thing about this theme that I don’t like is the chat box is too light.. I can hardly read it.. fix this and i’ll def be using it for a while..

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