Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate

Theme by Blue Fish

Contains 5 HD wallpapers including both XIII and Versus.
Download Here

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nice theme… do u have a ps3

Blue Fish

Oh, sorry about that hulk0408, I also thought your icons looked really good on my wallpapers, thx a bunch for letting me use them =)


hmmm… those icons look similar to the icons i made for my chun li theme i posted here. I really don’t have a problem or anything,I actually think the backgrounds fit them perfectly,great job blue fish

Eric Phu

The contrast of the light and dark….uhhhh… creates suspense?…..


Great design, the wallpapers of the themesallows for icons and text to stand out while providing excellent images from Final Fantasy 13. There is a good contrast of light and dark throughout each wallpaper that supply variety for the user. All and all, it is an excellent theme.


Dang this theme is NICE. It’d suck if you didn’t have an hdtv since the backgrounds would only look right in hd. Luckily i do and it looks absolutely AMAZING.


that’s wassup…