Final Fantasy X HD Theme

Theme by Stewart King

FFX Theme with promotional images for the backgrounds.

Like my previous themes, It uses the ingame character art fro the icons. along with some of Lulu’s weapons, Blitzball Team Icons and more.

I recommend putting the brightness settings of the backgrounds to -1


Download Here

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Cool theme!! I like how you put the majorty of the characters in the theme. Please make more.


Oh right, fantastic! I did not know it worked on SD TV’s as the background images are in HD.

IF you like this have a look at my other 2 I have made, it follows the same style of using the official promotional art, game sprites and character menu art.

Final Fantasy IX:

Final Fantasy VII:

I’m currently trying to make one of Final Fantasy VIII, but finding HD images is proving to be difficult.


to me this is thee best custom theme iv downloaded so gar although it was labld HD and i could clearly see all background images on a standard tv i enjoyed this immensly