ff XIII – 2 Lightning Animated

Theme by Seclairty31

Another theme like the last theme i made combining a still image with a moving background. (my last theme was harry potter vs voldemort.. no one seemed to notice it, or they just didn’t like it.. which is fine) The icons are by solosevens and are updated by me
A video preview of the theme can be seen below
Download Here



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good theme

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Wow, That’s a really great theme, simple yet mesmerizing, almost soothing with color changing, good job! Using it for sure! 😀

If you have the time I’d love one with FFXIII’s Snow with a similar feel to it, Blue lights of course though! 😛



Great theme good work. Would you be able to make a FFXIII vanille one?

If you happen to check back here, I have already made a theme for you, it can be seen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uzCS_gqXUY



Great theme good work. Would you be able to make a FFXIII vanille one?

yup but not till next week


Great theme good work. Would you be able to make a FFXIII vanille one?


A fantasic theme for Fantasy Fans! 😀


Thanks for the great theme 🙂


I’m not a big FF fan but I like these types of dynamic themes more than the ones with the box in the corner


@ sage minato89, choose one bro, I ain’t doin this for pay ya know


make me a naruto theme but ultimate good and one of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 let me message


Your video’s probably available in a few countries but it’s blocked where i live ( in the U.S. )
I just checked out the theme and it’s awesome, I’m not into the whole ganja seen lol, regardless you did an awesome job with the icons and the animation is cool.


Ohh man is rare because I never got those problems with my videos on youtube of “copyright issues” the video is still there like always, but don’t worry the most important issue here is your theme that look amazing 🙂


@ Faxtron, thanks m8, I never got to see your bob marley theme because youtube blocked it due to copyright issues ) : and I was too lazy to put it on my ps3 when I’m not a huge bob marley fan lol but I’ll definitely check it out now. Did everyone miss my Harry Potter theme??? It never even made it to the most popular list… I guess it didn’t have too, I just thought since it was a new idea it would get more attention, but maybe most of the people that visit this site don’t like what… Read more »


This is a very cool theme! You and the other dynamic theme creators are pretty amazing with all the themes you’ve been putting out lately.


Really good theme, big fan of final fantasy, will be using this one quite a bit lol 🙂


Nice theme I like it… Is like my Bob Marley Animated theme an animation backgrownd with an still image, look great 🙂