Fatal Frame/Project Zero V2.0

Theme by SeanyBoy/Gradon

This is a Fatal Frame theme I created from several resources.


Sprites were created by Laurean Leigh, webmaster of Fatal Frame fansite:
Sounds were ripped from Rabbit of the very same forum.

The wallpapers are from the Fatal Frame official sites which were archived by Laurean.

Thank her for the sprites, I just compiled the theme together.

Many of you (or not), may have seen the 1.0 version uploaded a year ago.
This version was complete s***.
I have redone most, the wallpapers now work, and the icons are no longer pixelated and eye bleeding.
This includes sounds from the Fatal Frame games and spice the theme up just a bit more!!

This is version 2.0!

Download Here

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FF fan myself. Thanks for sharing.