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nice to see that people argue about wether a game is good are not while on a website for ps3 themes


I agree that Duke Nukem Forever is not a bad game.But when i saw you say CoD sucks, i was like”Are you on crack?”CoD is a fun game…for people with lives.


this game is one of the best games i ever played. you retards dont like it because it doesn’t have campers or snipers like some gayass COD shit. People dont respect classics anymore. every COD or battlefield game is just a touched version of the last and people preorder that shit and get collectors edition which can cost up to $100. Im not saying those games are bad but they repeat themselves every time one comes out. It should be called COD sucks BLACK C0CK instead of black ops. The only people who freak when those games come out are… Read more »


Game should be called “Duke Nukem; Forever Waste
Of Time”. XD

Dexter Robinson

Yo can anyone make me a 2Pac theme that have the sound of him saying hailmary when you click an icon?


Daed NG you bought this game, new? Like spent $60 on it? LOL you’re a funny guy. I knew this was going to suck ass, as much as I didn’t want it to. Read the reviews man, everyone said it wasn’t a good game. As for the theme- It’s just a collection of wallpapers found on the interwebs & the same icons that have been used on themes for years now. I understand why people continue to use those same icons, I like them & use some on my theme but it’s nothing original. Ok, 1 or 2 icons are… Read more »


Not as ‘good’ as the original; not as good as hoped for… but hardly even close to “worst game ever.”

Of course, neither this comment nor the preceding one says anything about the theme. Thanks for that MarcoNix!


this game is a disaster,
its the worst game ever