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16 images, SD and HD support. Normal Icons. Special Trophy, Players Met, Add Friend and Block Icons. Check out our Gaming Podcast on Youtube. Check Theme Info on PS3 after installing for URL
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Thanks for all the kind words and especially the help on the slideshow themes (i’m fiddling around with it now, not changing any script though lol). Check out our podcast on youtube too if anyone has the time. Currently re-tooling trying to get some better equipment and looking into publishing on itunes once everything is up to a better standard. You can skip episode 5 it was awful lol.


It couldn’t be better


> it is possible if you try to do more than what you’re supposed to do such as adding too many backgrounds for example. All the scripts in the forum have been tested with zero bricks. Just don’t try to alter the script in a way that is not specified and everything will be fine.


Hey man great theme i love gta ๐Ÿ™‚


Appreciate it, going to look into how to do Slideshows when I got some free time. I’ve heard you could possibly brick your system if you do it wrong, any truth to that? I may just stick to normal large themes if that’s the case.


> Go to the forum and look for my Ultra Slideshow Tutorial. It has everything you need to make a slideshow (if you use Photoshop).
There are plenty of other tutorials too. Check it out ๐Ÿ˜€


Thanks for the compliment, if anyone has any requests and we can find the proper sized images of a good quality we’ll try to get it done. Not sure how to do slideshows yet so those may have to wait.


Love the theme Amazing! God Bless man