Dogs of War

Theme by Crico07

Question one Dog answer to the Pack!
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Crico07, I will all it, just make sure you credit the theme so that the proper ppl can be recognized.

I have no issue with the use of icons that have not been made copy written or made clear not to be used in any other theme, I had promised the model of my theme that my work was protected and so was hers so I had to make sure when I saw your theme I said something. I didn’t mean to come across as a dick, just trying to protect everyone is all.


Very sorry for this as i did not realise that these icons where not allowed to be reused, if you wish i will not use them, and this theme can be removed, but if you continue to let me use them i would be very greatful


I would appreciate that if you use my icons you at least ask me for permission or credit me since in the theme you got these icons from I made it clear not to use any aspect of the theme without my permission or the models, and you have just done that.

If you look at and goto to that theme you can clearly see the copyright listed.

I hope that this will be remedied soon.