Devil May Cry – Dante theme

Theme by Sesshoumaru

Theme based around the character Dante from the video game series Devil May Cry, featuring 14 HD and SD wallpapers from both the game series and the animated series. Made by PS3: Sesshoumaru, aka Madgod.
Download Here

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Jose Mario

This is great


I don’t like the new Dante design at all, but I do know one thing. It is Dante farther in the past then we’ve seen him before, I heard this is based on when him and his mother are being hunted by demon hunters. Being chased and hated does change a person, especially if you’re 18-20, which is what the new Dante appears. IDK if any of this info is real/leaked or fake, but keep it in mind, because the game itself looks fun. And Sheba, way to stick to the good stuff, badass Dante forever. HAHA, i sound like… Read more »


So w/ you on that, DeathNinja. That lame meth-head ‘Dante’ can gtfo & disappear for all i care. This Dante fangirl excepts no substitute, lol. Awesome theme


This Dante beats the hell out of that new emo wannabe Dante. Good theme, keep it up. Next, you should try a Vergil one, my friend would kill for it. Again, keep it up.


kick ass 1 of the koolest themes ever


Good work!