DESTINY Dynamic Theme

Theme by Mr_Foxx

just a little theme i thru together it might look alittle different from the preview thats because i changed a few things.
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cool background fella πŸ™‚ very slick… icons are a good standard but sort of disrupt the background for me… so I just resized them lol nice theme overall +1


& Mr_Foxx

=> DemiGod7: Sure, mate… I’ll be waiting! πŸ™‚

=> Mr_Foxx: Uh, really?
Well then, I think it’s time to show us everything πŸ˜€


the crazy thing is i made this theme in feb and was never goin to upload it untill someone on my youtube channel requested it, i still have themes i made and never uploaded i need to start uploading them lol, thanks for the love and upvotes guys.


since i never played a HALO game or own a XBOX360 i cant say much about it but i really hope this games good


I know, Halo 4 was made by 303 Industries because (if my memory serves me right) Bungie abandoned Halo altogether, working with Activision on their most ambitious project yet for PS4 (funny how things turn out to be…..). Still, I never found myself interesting in FPS games. I should mention that I was very much into Cod and BF until I realized some things and turned towards Borderlands and BioShock.

Bah, look at me mumbling haha. By the way, I might need your help with a little something, theme-related. I’ll see if I’ll send you a pm later…. πŸ™‚


: LOL! Sure I know, and I trust Bungie… that’s why I hope they will make something new and epic.
But you’re right, my friend: Destiny will surely be something new for everyone who never played Halo!

You know, I never liked FPS games… but one day, I decided to at least try playing Halo (which I always found intriguing, anyway) and from that day, I loved Master Chief and Cortana (she’s so cute… YUM! :P)
You should try playing it too (especially Halo 4, although it hasn’t been made by Bungie): you won’t regret πŸ˜‰


well, this game is made by Activision and Bungie, and I’m sure you know who Bungie is. It will be something like sci-fi, so expect Halo similarities. Still, I never played Halo since I have always been with PlayStation, so if I do decide to get it, it will be something new for me….


Nice Theme +1


@Mr_Foxx: Yeah, nice theme, mate!
I just hope this game will not be a “Halo clone”… I mean, I liked Halo (especially the latest one, which I found superb), but it’s time to see something different, I guess.
Ah well, digressions… πŸ˜›

You’re theme’s very nice, mate: +1! πŸ˜€


Nice work there sir, nice work…..


Dynamic Theme Grade : A+

Feedback : This Dynamic theme looks awesome an professionally made.

Overall : I liked the Dynamic Theme so i give this…

Voted : +1


thanks….you finally released your theme…told you to upload the brilliant theme….and you did thanks!


Nice theme +1