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Dead or Alive 5 CE Swimsuits

Theme by Phazon Upsilon

This theme features the beautiful women of Dead or Alive 5 in their swimsuits. Contains 12 HD pictures. Icons thanks to Axel Bosman from his Gemma Atkinson theme.
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7 thoughts on “Dead or Alive 5 CE Swimsuits

  1. Helena is my favorite. At first i hate Helena because of her annoying ascent. And i hate her old look on doap and older than doa5. And now i love her look on dead or alive 5. DAT BANGS, not sure if bangs or awesome bangs.

  2. Love the girls of the Dead Or Alive series. This is my very first DOA theme and i love them in all their kickass, skintastic, sexy glory! Thanks much. Mike:)

  3. Sure! I’ll work on it this weekend along with my next theme; I’ll try to get good HD pictures of her.

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