Classic Games on TV Slide Show

Theme by Faxtron

PS3 Classic Games on TV Slide Show. Custom icons and original sounds.
For the best experience possible please drop the backgrounds brightness. Theme Settings — Background — Brightness — I recommend -2 or -3.

Enjoy !
Download Here

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Thanks a lot, mate! (but don’t forget there are other great themers like my friends Yogosan, F-Rott and others ;)…)

Anyway, as long as there will be guys like you who appreciate my efforts, I’ll keep making themes: that’s why I’m still here…

As for my next creation… well, I finished about 50% of the icons: I’m resting a little now, but tomorrow (after seeing F1 qualifying sessions) I’ll restart to work on them. I think the theme will be here soon… 😉


Hey OPTIMUS for me every creation you done later or now are in the top ten list for me and are one of the best themes in here… As I said you are a intitution and leyend here…. Waiting for your next creation 🙂


Uh, well… I think it all depends on people’s tastes: you know, what likes to you and me might not like to many others, and viceversa…
You see, I noticed that it is now a long time that my themes are no longer in the “top ten”: actually it’s not a real problem for me, since I’ve never been interested in ratings and stuff like that, but like I said, it means that most likely people’s tastes have changed.

Anyway, what I know for sure is that I’m trying to do my best as always 😀


Okay my friend will be waiting patiently to see what you are about to bring us here….should definitely be a masterpiece.


Well, as I said, I have to finish some other requested themes first… also, I’m focusing very much on a particular theme I’m making for KH_Nerd who asked for it, at the moment: it’s a pretty hard work because, as you know, I always draw the icons with my own hands pixel by pixel, and the specific icons I’m making for this theme are quite complex, so I need all my few energies… 🙁 But don’t worry, mate… I will! 😀 Oh yeah, Contra! I played it lots of times in the arcades, and then on Commodore64 and NES: man,… Read more »


BTW : OPTIMUS Waiting for those good ideas to consider for my next theme 🙂


Glad you like it 😉


Oooh maaan… For an oldie like me, this theme’s a real dive in a very distant past full of good memories! A tear’s falling down my cheek… 😀
Very nice job, my friend, and thanks a lot!!!

[And I thank you so much for what you told me in your Atari theme, I really appreciate! When I’ve done with the last requested theme, I’ll start giving you some of the ideas I told you about (if you don’t mind, of course)…]


nice theme