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Call Of Duty – Zombies (12 Backgrounds)

Theme by Sparky B aka Mickey Biriny

12 Backgrounds in HD and SD
Backgrounds are all loading screens from previous Zombie Maps but the 12th background is a screen shot from a video uploaded to YouTube of concept art from the new Black Ops 2 Zombie Map, nicknamed, “The Map”

Note, im a newbie to this and it is my first go at this, if anything can be done to make it look better, please share your thoughts, and on the preview you can see a few white specks on the background but dont worry there not there when you install the theme, ive put it on my own ps3 to check this
Download Here

One thought on “Call Of Duty – Zombies (12 Backgrounds)

  1. i should have waited to make this, just found out NUKETOWN is a zombie map in Black Ops 2…..

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