Black Ops ll: Zombies

Theme by Truth_Wanted

This Theme contains custom icons (Made by AUDIODEVIANT), and an HD Background.


Enjoy, and don’t forget to comment your opinions, and rate.

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Truth_Wanted, lol all good man ,im sure you will make something cool . best of luck with the dynamic theme!



Thanks, but I think im going to do a re-do.. I just put this choppy theme up just for practice & to also let people know that i’m still making themes. don’t get me wrong, I liked your icons, it’s just I think it doesn’t necessarily match the theme quite well.. so I think I’ll take the time and actually make something decent. Im going to attempt a dynamic theme 😀



This is one damn fine theme!

ha ha ,


: LOL! You self-commented your theme…? I like it!
And I like the theme as well! +1!

good stuff lol optimus took the words out of my mouth , nice theme bru thanks for the cred’s


@-.- OPTIMUS: I sure did! somebody had to write the first comment lol. 😉 @-.- mrj qqq: Thank You! And I will continue making themes, I will never give up on my fans! And you aswell have creative talent, you just gotta find it. If you already have than I shall say no more 😀 I promise i’ll keep the vision bro. and if you’d like to help me out on getting a new ps3, just go to the link below for the donation site. Any amount helps me bro 😉 You are appreciated! Thanks for the support. God Bless… Read more »


: LOL! You self-commented your theme…? I like it! 😀
And I like the theme as well! +1!

mrj qqq

NEVER give up man ,you poured your heat out there to the tard that hocked your PS3 in the Ocean . Some have creative tallent , some don’t . YOU DO . I have 10 bucks towards your next interface.

Promise me you will keep the vision?


This is one damn fine theme!