Bioshock Infinite Dynamic Theme

Theme by uLtRaMa6nEt1c

Made with Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Flash. And a LOT of clone stamping.

*Booker & Elizabeth move up and down.
*Arch moves up and down.
*3 flags & 3 ribbons waving.
*Blimp hovers. Fire rolling behind smoke (may not be visible in preview video).
*3 buildings & plane hovering in background.
*Wind current indicators.
*Icons made to resemble game’s logo.
Download Here


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Would so love a theme or slideshow for Elizabeth, isn’t a single one anywhere! Love her character, infact there’s no themes or slideshows for columbia either, or Rapture!


Thanks to everyone for your comments and downloads πŸ™‚


Looks awesome! Great job on it. πŸ™‚

I was hoping for a BioShock Infinite theme being one of my favorite games of all-time.


Awesome job mate. All your themes are cutting edge. Keep em coming


: No this themes do not void the warranty by Sony, your allowed to change your theme anytime want.


does this void the playstation 3 warranty by sony?


Really cool theme, man. Appreciate the work!


you couldn’t add sound? geez :/


can you do a dj screw one for me


– Thanks dude.


Awesome theme! I’m using it right now. +1!


– Thanks man. I don’t worry about it much. I do this for myself as well as everyone else, so I’m glad people enjoy it. I’m just used to a certain like/dislike ratio. :D.


: LOL! Don’t worry about dislikes: this theme’s great (love the icons)… and that’s enough for me, my friend!
Absolutely +1! πŸ˜€


– Yeah idk. I don’t believe all these dislikes are legit. I’m being trolled I guess.

– Thanks a lot. My friend got this for free too. He said he loved it. I’m a bit of a trophy whore πŸ™‚ so I gotta play it on the PS3.


: Thank you for this great theme! I just finished the game on my pc (got this game and Tomb Raider for free thanks to AMD :D) and I enjoyed it. keep up the great work and can’t wait to see what else you come up with +1


the pple disliking, they don’t know bioshock like us old schoolers *winks and clicks*

we love u kevin levine <3

The Cult Of Personality

thanks 4 the offer doom. And captin. Both u guys plz send me a pm. i dont know how 2 send u guys one

The Cult Of Personality

Lol are u serious? He did act kinda weird, but i asumed he was a adult like most the pepole on this site. Btw i went to safe mode restore save files and it said there was corrupted data. so hopefully i can get patches now. Thank you captin. And umm thinks for the offer dude. Can we be friends? Send me a pm, saying we are friends. I dont know how 2 send u one.


i think you made a new friend cult
he definitely saved you a lot of hastle
with doom !!
doom is a jerk and he was probably lying
the whole time about helping you,
im his brother and he always deceives me.
but i can actually help you!!
ill make sure doom doesn’t find out your info
i promise! πŸ™‚


yeah i tested it and it works….woah i was the first one to comment and now there are 116 other comments wow!
Anyways it works thank you very much!

The Cult Of Personality

Why dont u talk 2 me ultra?


@Fonzfonzi & CaptJamesKirk – Thanks guys. I appreciate it.


Look, I’ve said my piece. Now its up to those involved if they take my advice. Was only trying to help. You know good samaritan an all that. Theme looks cool. Hope you sort out your ps3. You do know that it you download a 340MB patch you need 680MB of HDD space to download and install it. Just a thought.


Thanks, guess i’ll get bioshock and see if i like it.

The Cult Of Personality

yo ultra. whats been up man?


– LOL 1000x you are the man.

@CaptainJamesKirk – aaw man. doom’s just having some fun. What did you think of the theme?

– thank you and you are sooo right. Bioshock 1 is dope. Bioshock 2 is the same sh*t. For me that wasn’t a good thing. Infinite looks crazy. I will be getting it soon.

I gotta say, despite all the stuff going on in these comments I’m surprised to see so many dislikes. Oh well. Enjoy

The Cult Of Personality

ok. But pm me. idk how to pm you. And add me on psn its
Not the nest user name but id do anything to play online at the time. (even if it meant slaping a baby)


Read the ps3 instructions on putting it in safe mode the just use file system repair. Tip”NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE GIVE OUT YOU EMAIL AND OR PSN PASSWORD” Its how you log in, and if anyone else has it they can log in as you change your password and take your account. There is my advice.

The Cult Of Personality

can u pm me captJ?

The Cult Of Personality

Well i still dont understand how he could get the patch for me. It still dosent make any sense to me.


Read how to put ps3 in safe mode then choose file system restore. That can sort out some probs. Hope it helps.

The Cult Of Personality

Your saying he will screw my ps3 up?


That aint friendly. Thats a mugging. Its just a case of hard reset the ps3. Safe mode. Dead easy.

The Cult Of Personality

why you laghing? Btw i said i havent redemed my card yet. So no he couldn’t steall it. or would he????????



The Cult Of Personality

Umm. i need moor pepole that trust you. Some guy thinks your steal my account. And gave you a negative vote. If you can get 2 pepole that trust you, then tell them to comment on this and they have to trust you.