BF3 Slide Show Theme (Updated Version)

Theme by charli_el_

I made this theme with the new method by Glowball because as bored by the smoke… 😉
For those who want to make themes like this, I leave the tutorial of Glowball: # post251612

The theme contains 15 (the old version contains 12 backgrounds) BF3 backgrounds that change every 8 seconds.

Icons from:

Glowball Thanks to the tutorial.

This is an updated version with 3 news wallpapers:

PS: My english isn’t very good.
Download Here

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Make a folder on your USB stick called PS3
inside that folder make one called THEME
then put the .p3t you downloaded inside that.

Insert USB stick into PS3
go to Themes and at top it says INSTALL. click it
find the theme you are looking for and click it.

remember the PS3 and THEME folder have to be in Capitals.

More instructions here:


how do u put this on ur ps3 ?


I’m working on this theme to add 3 new wallpapers 🙂

Here I leave for you to see the wallpapers looks like: D

daniel murphy

this theme is absolutely definitely the best theme of BattleField ive saw



Sounds like its the install directory problem. Checkout my updated tutorial here. Post there if you are still having issues.


im still having the tmp folder pop up…wat did u do or see differently


It’s like saying Faxtron:)
Although be warned that the file may become corrupted if you change the extension, change i


Only rename the file and put it in the same folder with the other files icons,xml,Anim_1.jpg…….

I leave you another message in the other post you ask.


How do you change the slideshow.raf file to Anim_1.jpg is there a free program out there to do this?


Good theme. Thanks ! 🙂


Nice theme 🙂 glad to see you got the slide show working.


Demonstration of the theme: