Bayonetta Dynamic Theme

Theme by Sentiel

Dynamic theme based on the game Bayonetta. Featuring a wallpaper with moving Bayonetta logo on the right side of the wallpaper and slight mist on the bottom of the wallpaper.
Download Here
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my apologies. im sorry πŸ™ but do it ur way next time then :D. im curious what u could do πŸ˜€ .


It’s a work for a friend of mine, he wanted the theme exactly this way. Provided me with icons, wallpaper and wanted the smoke like this cos he claims it makes it look more like sky.
Lot of my themes are made for someone else by specific order.

If i made it as fan of the game, which i’m not, i would choose different wallpaper and probably skipped the smoke.


the only thing u did good was the icons. kudos for that.


STOP WTH THE SMOKE EFFECTS!!!!! ANYONE could of done a better job then this.


I just checked it on HD and SD TVs and nothing happened. What exactly is the issue? Can you be more specific, or perhaps make some screenshots? I would love to fix it asap.


Is anybody else having problems with this theme as I am getting no background and alot of icons missing πŸ™

It’s a shame cus the preview looked good and I would like to see a Bayonetta theme