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25 thoughts on “Battlefield 3 Skull Soldier

  1. @thecultofpersonality247 , im glad you like it man but i dont have the time to make themes anymore , when i do , i will make a 2.0 for sure maybe bf5 or 6 lol , thanks
    @me lol it does say in the description that the fire is animated, glad you tried it anyway,

  2. +1. Aw my favrite theme on the whole site!

    THEME REQEST= could you do a 2nd one? Have 3 skull soldiers (on fire) and have a tank in the background with 2 helicopters above it. Please man, iv been useing this theme for months (still do)

    To be honest iv used this moor than any other theme! Please do a 2nd one, I BEGG YOU!

  3. @jayleedurr yeah sometimes that happens when you make the icon’s into a 3d shape you move them around and i forget to change the the camera angle, i didnt notice it, sorry ..

  4. ive never played this game beyond the demo, im not gonna knock it tho, im not a huge fan but from what i saw id probably spend a lot of time playing it if i actually owned it.. i think you are N icon master.. just as i was searching for a theme with icons that have the look of ‘stone’ you dropped this the very next day. lol. i was using faxtrons THE WALKING DEAD theme, soo awsome, deff in my top 5 favorites. but these icons here will fit better with my background i have up at the moment. now i have the icons to match the tombstones, thank you.

  5. Cool theme man the loop works ok but thats because you want quality more than frames I guess fella. Icons fit in well also thanks +1 ๐Ÿ™‚

    thanks guys, ; )
    the loop is still not perfect, but it good enough lol …
    @charli_el_ , that’s what i do .. but its weird its not always there ??

  7. Ohhh man thanks for doing the full version for this awesome theme. A 5 stars theme ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m using it right now.

  8. In the description put the video simply as a link to YT, administrators put it as a video embed.

    The theme looks awesome!!!

    (Sorry for my bad english)

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