Battlefield 3 Skull Soldier


Battlefield 3 skull soldier… Full 1920 *1080 hd with animated fire .. Enjoy
Download Here
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, im glad you like it man but i dont have the time to make themes anymore , when i do , i will make a 2.0 for sure maybe bf5 or 6 lol , thanks
lol it does say in the description that the fire is animated, glad you tried it anyway,


OMG I commented b 4 i downloaded the fire is animated this is the perfect wallpaper!


Awesome theme it could only be better if the fire was animated

The Cult Of Personality

+1. Aw my favrite theme on the whole site!

THEME REQEST= could you do a 2nd one? Have 3 skull soldiers (on fire) and have a tank in the background with 2 helicopters above it. Please man, iv been useing this theme for months (still do)

To be honest iv used this moor than any other theme! Please do a 2nd one, I BEGG YOU!


this is freaking dope man

dr death

damn this theme is badass love the game so i’m definitely going to use this


thanks oldboy .. hay come over and see me anytime your free


sik promo m8 loving the themes real smooth job 🙂


cool bro


yeah sometimes that happens when you make the icon’s into a 3d shape you move them around and i forget to change the the camera angle, i didnt notice it, sorry ..


, cool , listen if you do get stuck for icons just ask me and can help you…
thanks bru


Great job
my only complaint is that the mouse cursor is not displayed where it actually is


sick! nice job man


ive never played this game beyond the demo, im not gonna knock it tho, im not a huge fan but from what i saw id probably spend a lot of time playing it if i actually owned it.. i think you are N icon master.. just as i was searching for a theme with icons that have the look of ‘stone’ you dropped this the very next day. lol. i was using faxtrons THE WALKING DEAD theme, soo awsome, deff in my top 5 favorites. but these icons here will fit better with my background i have up at the… Read more »


yeah your right as always lol , thanks for your input and the +1


Cool theme man the loop works ok but thats because you want quality more than frames I guess fella. Icons fit in well also thanks +1 🙂


Another sick theme bro, keep up the good work.


thanks prime! …


: Not a fan of the game, but… hey! Great job, friend! +1! 😀


thanks guys, ; )
the loop is still not perfect, but it good enough lol …
, that’s what i do .. but its weird its not always there ??


Ohhh man thanks for doing the full version for this awesome theme. A 5 stars theme 🙂 I’m using it right now.


Much better as a full screen joint. Nice job +1.


This theme is great, what’s next?


In the description put the video simply as a link to YT, administrators put it as a video embed.

The theme looks awesome!!!

(Sorry for my bad english)


lol what ? no video again grrrrr ok is it the embeded code from youtube or is it just the normal share link that gets the video preview here aswell … ?
here the video anyways