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ATARI Slide Show deticated to “OPTIMUS” idea from “doom”.15 Wallpaper tested in HD resolutions 1920×1080. For the best experience possible please drop the backgrounds brightness. Theme Settings — Background — Brightness — I recommend -2 or -3.

Enjoy !
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@OPTIMUS Sorry for the delay to answer….My friend only I can say is thanks a lot for all your themes my ps3 has a lot of them installed. Reason when I was asked if I wanted to do a tribute theme to you in that moment was next theme ..Here for me you’re a institution and a leyend. Sorry to hear that your condition is a degenerative and irreversible…waiting in faith that you can recover from this and you be the first man to fully recover for this condition. As I said I consider you as my friend if need… Read more »


Thanks, mate, you’re so kind as always! Yep, same for me: from the day I joined this site, I befriended lots of people very quickly, as well as lots of guys spontaneously became my friends in a very short time… don’t know why, maybe because I helped lots of them since the early days by giving advices in the forum and in the comments space, or maybe because I always been like the “grandpa” of this site from the beginning :P… so, very quickly I found myself surrounded by lots of fans who always supported me and sometimes even defended… Read more »


You know for real the first time I know a guy in the internet that I would consider my friend in a so short time. And its the first time I read a message left from a internet friend that make me feel sad and even a tear will jump from my eyes. You know, I’m a very old player to, i’m starting in video games with my first console long time ago that was an Atari 2600 for that reason I put that console in the theme and the reason that went I read the message from Doom that… Read more »


Sorry for my “absence”: when the site’s changed, I had some problem because I was no more able to login… but the site’s owner helped me (thanks a lot, mate! :D) and here I am! So… what do we have here? Ooooh maaaan… this theme will stay in my PS3 forever!!! You know, I’m a veeery old player and I still own an Atari 1040ST that still works perfectly: aah, good memories! Great theme, mate! You deserve all the respect of the world! Thanks a lot!!! (and thanks to you too, Doom! :D) By the way, in your “Bubbles” theme… Read more »