assassins creed 2 mt

Theme by madthemez

3.15 icon set , 2 wallpapers in hd and sd.
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hey dude this theme is freakin amazing i love it


you can dwnload themes by going on internet browser on your PS3 like i am now?


Hey I Got A PSP GO! What do you need me to check?


Don’t need to credit me for these icons JKX13.
They’re just black SONY icons i just made “Minis” “chat” & the “PSP-GO” (unconfirmed as yet)

just hope more people start using 3.15 icons is all now they’re available.


nice theme hey im gonna borrow my cousin’s psp go and i’ll let you know if the psp go icon displays when connected and a question: do you mind if i borrow your icons for my future creations? i’ll give you full credit of them of course 🙂


Does no one in the world own a PSP GO & PS3 ?
please help & confirm if my PSP GO icon is displayed when connected.


As far as i know – on a memory stick or USB you have to make a PS3 folder & THEME folder with P3T files placed into the THEME folder or the PS3 won’t find it.
If i’m wrong do it your way , but that’s how i transfer them to my PS3.

Thanks for the nice comment , But this IS NOT the best theme ever ,it’s not even MY best but thanks anyway.


yh u have to put in themes or it wont show up and evn if it does thn u cant install it BTW THIS IS THE BEST THEME EVVVVEERRR


Thanks alot for the tip bro..


OK , Well as far as i know first of all (ALL FOLDER NAMES on usb MUST be in CAPITAL letters)
Make a folder on the USB Drive called PS3.
Inside the PS3 folder make another called THEME.
Download the theme you want & put the P3T file into the THEME folder on your usb.
Plug usb into PS3 & install the theme from usb.

That should do it.


I meant a *usb flash drive*


I’d like u tell me the procedures on how to upload the themes to my ps3 via a usb..


What faq’s ?? , you didn’t ask any- go ahead.


Hey bro, am new around here and i need themes for my new ps3..
Kindly walk me through fAQ’s..


Does’nt anyone have a psp go to test or confirm this ?


contains FULL set of 3.15 icons including MINIS & PSP-GO.
I heard PSP-GO has its own icon when connected to ps3 so i added the icon.
I can not confirm if it’s used as i don’t have a PSP-GO.
Could someone confirm if it’s used or not ??