Armored Core Nine-Ball

Theme by Laughingman1800

An Armored Core theme dedicated to all the Nine-Ball fans out there. Faxtron, CheMansur thanks for the brilliant icons your both amazing artists when it comes to theme building.. this theme has several different backgrounds and I hope you enjoy!!! And again Im still a N00B
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GuRu Asaki

Correction, 4 to 5 HD Backgrounds, SD Unknown, & the Wallpapers are just so so… Oky, not worthy of Nine Ball, 🙁 Needs more, I was Hoping for like 10 to 15, but they need to jump out, & say i’m Nine Ball, cause yur Wallpaper doesn’t really give the Impression that 9 Ball is who they are… You got a Red AC with black joints, which is 9 Ball, but the wallpaper doesn’t really jump out at you… Their kinda dull, & boring… As you said your still a Noob, so I suppose your still getting better… I’d love… Read more »

GuRu Asaki

Honestly, I am glad someone finally did a 9 Ball Theme for Armored Core… But honestly… Even though the Icons are perfect for the Theme, I probably would not have chosen Blue ones, if I had the choice… I’d go with something a little more Robotic like, or maybe the Color Yellow to symbolize the 9 Ball in Billiards, I dunno… Anyways, 9 Ball was the coolest Boss in Armored Core, up till Armored Core 4, that is… I dunno about 2: Another Age, & didn’t care for Part 3… Hope to see more AC Themes soon, keep ’em commin,… Read more »