Theme by OPTIMUS

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Hey mate!
I don’t really know if you’re still somewhere out there, waiting for your theme… πŸ˜›

I’m very sorry it took so long, but… aside my health conditions, it’s because I worked hard on it as usual.
I tried to “capture” somehow the magic of the game and… well, I don’t know if I succeeded because I have to say it was nearly impossible to perfectly reproduce its atmosphere, so I tried to do my best and that’s why I decided to interpret everything my own way: so I drew all icons with my hands (pixel by pixel, as always :D) and, in addition to the background you gave me plus the few others I found, there are 3 extra backgrounds that I specifically made for this theme (in the preview image you can see one of them).

So, the theme contains:

-8 HD/SD backgrounds [the one you gave me, the 4 I found (that I slightly modified by adding some little thing here and there), plus the other 3 I created from scratch]
-hand made icons
-no boring sounds

Again, I’m really sorry it took so long, but I hope it was worth it and you’ll like the theme…
Enjoy! πŸ˜€
Download Here