360 Killer

Theme by P.Miller (Wilf)

Death to the 360!!!
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I think it would be even funnier if the Xbox had the red ring of death as well.


ur theme needs a better bkgrnd


take THAT, Bill! 😛

P.Miller (Wilf)

I have uploaded Version 2 that now has enhanced backgrounds and icons. (Just waiting for it to be put on this site!)


this is true

P.Miller (Wilf)

I’ll get photoshop this weekend & will make an updated version of 360 Killer for Monday or Tuesday.

I’m also in the middle of creating icons in 3ds max, so expect to see my 3D theme comming soon!


OMG paint!! Yeah get & learn photoshop!! It’d help you so much. I make custom icons for my themes using photoshop. There are guides all over the interwebs. I’m still learning it too but it’s so much better then paint! I agree, a 360 with the RROD would have been better.

niko bellic

xbox 360 = epic fail


I LMFAO when I first saw this theme.

P.Miller (Wilf)

Thats a fair comment, but I never use Photoshop!
And the way I see it is that so many people would be saying “I’d like to see this done” & I’d have created completely new icons” etc.. So if anyone whants to improve on any theme they can, just extract the .p3t theme & edit away, then just rebuild the theme. Everyone has their own tastes, opinions & ideas. So enjoy the theme, keep the comments coming & I’m off to learn Photoshop! (better uninstall Paint .Net).


Funny, yeah I’ll give it that. But all the guy did was poorly photoshop a wallpaper & re-color the icons. Kinda basic & simple. Not that impressive. I prefer better, cooler, more original icons & could care less about the backgrounds/wallpapers. Seeing once you have a theme, with the icons you like, you can set the wallpaper to what ever you want. Just my 2 cents. Work more on the icons & your photoshoping skills.

that xbox guy

hey, one thing you could make a change to, you should make the xbox have the three red lights, or better known as “the red ring of death”. would be much funny


love it


top top top bravo


this shit yo’

P.Miller (Wilf)

Thanks for the comments & thanks for downloading my theme. I’m starting a new theme, so keep checking http://www.ps3-themes.com


Lmao. Thanks for sharing.

Fahd Zarooni

Sorry, I meant to say I’m putting this as my main PS3 theme.

Fahd Zarooni

This theme is hilarious.


HA! Great!


for a total finish you should give it an RROD

Fahd Zarooni

I am going to keep this theme as my main.




xD ha ha nice man! Funny…