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Tutorial on making custom themes
New Member
April 20, 2011 - 11:02 am
Member Since: April 20, 2011
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Hey there I was just wondering can someone teach me how to make custom themes that have different icons then what are given to you. if some one can make a youtube video that would be great because I don't seem to understand how to make a theme that has cool features.FrownFrown


Forum Contributor
April 20, 2011 - 4:08 pm
Member Since: October 9, 2009
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Well, a "youtube video" would take too much time and, you know, making a tutorial on how to create a theme from scratch would be very complicated, because it implies the fact to explain everything about the icons and backgrounds creation, or how to create them and stuff like that...
The only good way to learn is to practice and experiment.

Anyway (assuming you're already familiar with graphics) here is what I can tell you as best as I can:
all you need to start making themes is a decent graphic program (I use RealWorld Paint.COM, for example), PS3 Theme Builder 3.0 and, as I always say, a good imagination... Wink

First of all, you need to create your icons, remembering their size is always 128x128 pixels (except "Photo File" and "Photo Album" which are 170x128 pxl, "Video File" and "Video Album" which are 228x128 pxl, "Game File" which is 322x178 pxl, "Game Album" which is 314x178 pxl, and "Notification" which is 64x64 pxl) and all must have the "Alpha Channel" enabled (which is used to preserve the transparency behind the icons, otherwise every icon would be displayed with a black or white background behind it) and must be saved in PNG format.
Another thing you need to remember is that all the images used as backgrounds in a theme must have 2 different resolutions: 1920x1080 pxl for HD, and 640x480 pxl for SD. Also, they must be saved in JPG/JPEG format.

Ok, once you finished creating your icons and/or backgrounds, you need to put them together using Theme Builder.
To do that, run the program and in the main interface you'll see various tabs, buttons and options which are still disabled.
Click on "New Theme" button to display a dialog box in which you have to enter the theme's name, then click OK: now, all the options are enabled and you can start building your theme.

1) As you can see, the first tab (Theme Information) includes all the informations of the theme you're going to create: here, you need to insert (again) the theme name, the Theme Icon (which can be something like a thumbnail of the theme, or just a symbol, and must be 64x64 pxl in PNG format) and the Author Icon (which is your avatar and it also must be 64x64 pxl in PNG format).
Also, you can choose different languages (but remember that you have to reinsert the theme name and the other informations for each language you decide to use), you can put your name, the theme's genre, the version (for example 3.56, 3.60 and so on, like the PS3 firmware) and a comment for your theme.

2) Once you finished, go to the 2nd tab (Icons, Colors, Font): here you can choose the theme color for the options, the font types, ecc. but the important part is represented by the "Main Menu Icons" column and the "Sub Menu Icons" column where you have to put your icons.
By highlighting every icon's name in the Main Menu column, the related sub-icons will be displayed in the Sub Menu column. So, here is what you have to do:

a) highlight "User" in the Main Menu column, click the "Browse" button under the box placed to the right of the column and upload the User icon you created.

b) then, highlight "New User" in the Sub Menu column, click the "Browse" button under the box placed to the right of the column and upload the New User icon you created.

c) same thing for all other icons: you just need to repeat the procedure.
[As for the pointers, well... you can leave everything as it is (unless you've already created them) because the program will automatically use the default ones.]

3) Now, let's go to the 3rd tab (Backgrounds, Notification, Sounds): click on "Add a new background" button, then browse for HD and SD to upload the backgrounds you wish to use. If you have more than 1, just repeat the procedure.
About the "Sound Effects", I suggest you to not use them for now, because it would require another veeery long tutorial... Laugh
As for the "Notification Icon": again, you can leave it as it is (unless you've already created one)...

4) Ok, get back to the 1st tab (Theme Information): click on "Generate Preview" button to save and use one of the backgrounds as preview.
Now, click on "Build Theme" button: a prompt window will appear, and the program will start assembling the theme. Once finished, it will ask you to press the "Enter" button on your keyboard to close the prompt window, so that you can also close the program by clicking on "Quit" button.

5) Now, go to the directory where your PS3 Theme Builder 3.0 has been installed (which is usually Documents & Settings) and there should be a folder with the program's logo named "My Playstation Themes". Inside this folder, you'll find another one with the name of your theme: it contains all the images and icons you used AND a ".p3t file"... that's your theme!
Ok, mate, you can copy (or cut and paste) the ".p3t" file into a usb key to test the theme on your PS3: remember that in the usb key, you have to create a folder named PS3 (all in caps) and inside this folder create another one named THEME (again, all in caps), otherwise the PS3 will not recognize the theme.

Phew! That's all... hope it helps!

And... welcome aboard! Laugh

April 21, 2011 - 9:34 am
Member Since: December 7, 2009
Forum Posts: 7
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hey optimus, i was wondering  how you added a minis folder and all  the other new icons that the ps3  builder doesnt show or have? And i resized my wallpaper to 1920x1080  but it  doesnt really fit  the  screen  when i  test drive the theme(preview), is it  because its not HD?Confused

April 21, 2011 - 9:43 am
Member Since: December 7, 2009
Forum Posts: 7
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ignore my second question, i  found out  that the image has a   thick black  border lol...EmbarassedConfusedLaugh


Forum Contributor
April 21, 2011 - 3:08 pm
Member Since: October 9, 2009
Forum Posts: 296
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Well, it doesn't have the new icons because they came later... anyway, you can add them manually, so here is what you have to do!

In the main interface, click on TOOLS ==> LAUNCH ICON MANAGER, and a new window will appear.
As you can see, the main icons are displayed in the left column (Main Menu Icons) and by clicking on one of them, the related sub icons will appear in the right column (Sub Menu Icons).

1) click on "Video" in the left column, then click on "Add new icon" button placed under the right column, and the "Edit Icon" window will appear.
-for "Icon name", enter Video Editor & Uploader
-for "Xml Id", enter icon_video_upload
Click on "Save" button.

2) click on "Games" in the left column, then click on "Add new icon" button placed under the right column, and the "Edit Icon" window will appear.
-for "Icon name", enter Saved Data Minis
-for "Xml Id", enter icon_savedata_minis
Click on "Save" button.

3) click on "Friends" in the left column, then click on "Add new icon" button placed under the right column, and the "Edit Icon" window will appear.
-for "Icon name", enter Chat Room Text
-for "Xml Id", enter icon_chatroom_text
Click on "Save" button.

Ok, now click on "Save & Close" button, then quit the program.
Now, run Theme Builder again and... the new icons should be there! Laugh

Outer Heaven
April 23, 2011 - 5:48 am
Member Since: April 9, 2010
Forum Posts: 37
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First unpack the P3T.using a theme builder(I use : http://www.lili-chan.com/download ) You can use XML Marker it is a free program on Download.com to edit the XML file in a theme,then use the theme builder to build the final result…here is what your XML needs :



    <icon id="icon_addfriend" src="icon_addfriend_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_theme_setting" src="icon_theme_setting_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_game_setting" src="icon_game_setting_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_playlist_add" src="icon_playlist_add_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_music_setting" src="icon_music_setting_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_game_album_default" src="icon_game_album_default_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_download" src="icon_download_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_music" src="icon_music_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_sound_setting" src="icon_sound_setting_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_network_setting" src="icon_network_setting_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_default_h" src="icon_default_h_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_printer_setting" src="icon_printer_setting_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_default_v" src="icon_default_v_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_gamedata" src="icon_gamedata_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_chat" src="icon_chat_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_chat_setting" src="icon_chat_setting_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_inet_search" src="icon_inet_search_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_accountmanage" src="icon_accountmanage_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_mbox_create" src="icon_mbox_create_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_security_setting" src="icon_security_setting_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_music_album_default" src="icon_music_album_default_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_setting" src="icon_setting_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_bdvd_setting" src="icon_bdvd_setting_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_mbox" src="icon_mbox_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_ms" src="icon_ms_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_cf" src="icon_cf_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_usbcamera" src="icon_usbcamera_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_home" src="icon_home_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_mediaserver_search" src="icon_mediaserver_search_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_accessory" src="icon_accessory_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_video_album_default" src="icon_video_album_default_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_trophy" src="icon_trophy_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_remoteplay" src="icon_remoteplay_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_photo" src="icon_photo_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_mbox_received" src="icon_mbox_received_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_music_default" src="icon_music_default_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_network" src="icon_network_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_savedata_minis" src="icon_savedata_minis_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_video_default" src="icon_video_default_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_update" src="icon_update_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_photo_default" src="icon_photo_default_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_video" src="icon_video_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_savedata" src="icon_savedata_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_pspms" src="icon_pspms_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_browser" src="icon_browser_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_blocklist" src="icon_blocklist_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_powersave_setting" src="icon_powersave_setting_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_datetime_setting" src="icon_datetime_setting_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_newuser" src="icon_newuser_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_friend" src="icon_friend_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_chatroom" src="icon_chatroom_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_poweroff" src="icon_poweroff_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_game" src="icon_game_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_photo_album_default" src="icon_photo_album_default_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_playermet" src="icon_playermet_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_playlist" src="icon_playlist_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_playing" src="icon_playing_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_tv" src="icon_tv_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_sd" src="icon_sd_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_user" src="icon_user_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_mbox_sent" src="icon_mbox_sent_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_usbaad" src="icon_usbaad_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_game_default" src="icon_game_default_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_vmc" src="icon_vmc_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_setting_item" src="icon_setting_item_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_usb" src="icon_usb_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_remoteplay_setting" src="icon_remoteplay_setting_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_system_setting" src="icon_system_setting_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_display_setting" src="icon_display_setting_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_onlinemanual" src="icon_onlinemanual_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_newvmc" src="icon_newvmc_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_video_upload" src="icon_video_upload_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_chatroom_text" src="icon_chatroom_text_1.gim.png" />

    <icon id="icon_psp" src="icon_psp_1.gim.png" />



    <info name="THEME NAME" icon="icon_1.gim.png" url="URL" author="AUTHOR" authoricon="authoricon_1.gim.png" genre="GENRE" version="VERSION NUMBER" comment="COMMENT" preview="preview.png" />



    <pointer id="pointer_finger" src="pointer_finger_1.gim.png" base_x="21" base_y="17" />

    <pointer id="pointer_arrow" src="pointer_arrow_1.gim.png" base_x="21" base_y="3" />

    <pointer id="pointer_click" src="pointer_click_1.gim.png" base_x="21" base_y="17" />

    <pointer id="pointer_grab" src="pointer_grab_1.gim.png" base_x="21" base_y="17" />

    <pointer id="pointer_pen" src="pointer_pen_1.gim.png" base_x="5" base_y="41" />

    <pointer id="pointer_hand" src="pointer_hand_1.gim.png" base_x="21" base_y="17" />



    <bgimage hd="hd_1.jpg" sd="sd_1.jpg" />


  <font selection="1" />

  <color selection="1" />

  <notification src="src_1.gim.png" />


    <se id="se_cursor" />

    <se id="se_cancel" />

    <se id="se_optionmenu" />

    <se id="se_system_ok" />

    <se id="se_decide" />



For a dynamic theme the background image line is this :


    <bgimage anim="anim_1.jpg"/>


Don't forget to choose a color(1-12)and a font(1-3)

<font selection="1" />

<color selection="1" />

These lines are for sound,I don't use sound much so you will have to find the correct code yourself ,and the necessary files(you can also leave it alone or delete it from the XML,I have not had any issues just leaving it) :

<se id="se_cursor" />

<se id="se_cancel" />

<se id="se_optionmenu" />

<se id="se_system_ok" />

<se id="se_decide" />

New Member
April 23, 2011 - 10:44 am
Member Since: April 20, 2011
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Hey to be honest I see all the cool icons and I was just curious on how they were able to make those if they were made.

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