Yoko Littner – Gurren Lagann PS3 Theme – HD Only

Theme by Gurrenleader1990

Hello. This is my second PS3 I made and it;s my favorite. I spent weeks or more making sure it was perfect. This is a 16 image theme custom made by me. All the wallpapers were made by me in Photoshop using custom made renders and pre made renders found around the internet. The GL icons were made by a deviantart user named yatagarasu13. There is no SD wallpapers for now. I shall do an update later when I get around to making them. Consideration was made to make sure it was easy on the eyes. Enjoy.
Download Here
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I’m being serious right now, I’m so impressed with how professional this themes is I think it definitely belongs as a theme in the playstation store! This is seriously an awesome theme, definitely the icons as well!


please make more of yoko please


This is by far, my favorite theme. I just wish it came in standard definition. I can’t keep it applied all the time, because of it. Would you make one in SD? Or at least e-mail the pics? I would be so greatful.

ravenseye_13.com, is the e-mail I would prefer, if you send them. Thank you.


Can you tell me what sites you got the images from?

turok ps3

would you make a TUROK ps3 theme possibley?


Can you send an e-mail to me? I will respond with my requests. Takes to long to type on a ps3.
My e-mail is ginek20035.com



I LOVE YOKO. Another Yoko theme for my PS3. Do you take requests?

I can consider it. It all depends on the renders and the wallpapers i can obtain and create as well. Just give your request and I’ll see what i can do.


I LOVE YOKO. Another Yoko theme for my PS3. Do you take requests?