The World God Only Knows ~ S.S. Type Megami

Theme by Senya Saigyouji

A little warning: I practically spoiled the Jupiter Sisters’ respective hosts’ identities in the XMB icons, so if you haven’t read or watched the manga/anime up to that point, download this theme at your own risk. I’m not held responsible for spoilers when I clearly alerted you.

Now without further ado, I present to you my latest work, 3 days in the making!
Enjoy. ~ Yours Truly
4 backgrounds total and no sound effects, unfortunately for me.

* Disclaimer

No, this theme is in no way blasphemous; nor am I using God’s name in vain. It’s in the title of this series, so please spare me your infidel accusations, preaching, divine punishment, and hollow threats on ultimately nailing me on a crucifix, dousing me in holy water and burning me alive for crimes of Satanism and Witchcraft, you overly-fanatic zealots.
Download Here

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Senya Saigyouji

@-.- HinokiChan And many thanks to you for taking the time to comment! Nothing’s better than the words of a satisfied user. It means a lot to me that my poor little ol’ theme’s your favorite by a large margin, out of the >11k on this site. And the other competing TWGOK theme(s). At least somebody here said they appreciated all my hard work I put on the icons/brainstorming for meaningful ones to use. I’m not fond of throwing a new color over the default icons to use and calling it a day. …And I don’t know how to either.… Read more »


Just discovered this site, and this is by far my most favorite theme. I really like what you did with the icons. Thank you for the Download.


Epic disclaimer lol


Lol, people actually thought it was blasphemous? Methinks I smell a troll.

Jasper "The Last Shu" Yang

@Senya Saigyouji Jasper Colt again. (Got a new name)
And please, i insist on no overly-emotional from you. Douchey is so very you & so very wonderful.


: Thanks, mate! 🙂
I agree with you about the interesting debate/discussion started on that theme (and glad you liked it) but… well, that also is the exact reason why I said my theme was unlucky because, thanks to a narrow minded guy, the whole debate quickly became a war and it all led to the comments locking by the admin (understandable choice, after all)… 🙁


great theme


@OPTIMUS> i didn’t think that theme was ‘unlucky’. Although a couple people got a little carried away (no pun intended) it opened up a debate/discussion that I enjoyed 🙂


I gave you a like just for the description of the theme alone, it gave me a good laugh 😀


@Senya Saigyouji: Well, I had figured out: my question actually was somewhat ironic, exactly in reference to IceDragon1017 and my “unlucky” Blessed theme (which however was explicitly religious, unlike this one)… LOL! 😉

Oh! Sooo sorry! 😛
Ok, then: Welcome back… BRO! 😀

Senya Saigyouji

@Jasper Colt Wow. S-seriously? You’ve read everything I’ve typed since I joined this site on January 3rd, and what’s more unbelievable, you found them even the least bit remotely amusing? Furthermore, just poor little ol’ me’s the only one that has evoked your very first response; out of all the crap comments that gets posted here at least 100% of the time for more than three years? Sir, I must thank you whole-heartedly for your kind words. I wish I can offer you a highly verbose, sappy, and overly emotional speech to be more sincere, but alas, my minuscule attention… Read more »

Jasper Colt

I just had to say I love you.
I’ve been using this Site for more than 3 years and this is my first comment.
But everything you have typed has been absolute gold & I thank you for it.
I don’t even know if this is a Game or a Manga or whatever and I don’t care. I’m gonna download this out of the principle of respect. That I have a lot of for you right now. Enjoy the rest of your day/night & thanks for the laughs!


I love chibi Hakua icon lol

Senya Saigyouji

@OPTIMUS Oh, hai dere. It’s been far too long. Nice to see you back from all these times! 😀 Concerning the scathing last paragraph of the theme description’s explanation: you know how some people are uber-devoted to a religion and they’ll relentlessly attack or try to convert you with essays upon essay comments if you mention anything remotely anti-Christian? I was poking fun at that behavior using deadpan snarking and almost, but not exact insults to provoke some sort of hollow threat in the comments for MAXIMUM lulz. I believe you’ve had this experience from your “Blessed” theme for IceDragon1017?… Read more »


Why should someone nail you to a cross for blasphemy…? LOL!

Nice theme & icons: +1!
And… welcome back, lady! 😀