Soul Eater – Franken Stein

Theme by Sesshoumaru

This theme is based on character Stein from the anime series “Soul Eater”. Features 12 different wallpapers, both HD and SD, along with full icon support (3.30 fw). I made none of the wallpapers and all credit goes to the respective owners/artists.
I have also used the author alias “Madgod” in the past, but have switched to “Sesshoumaru” because it is my Playstation Network ID and will make it easier for anyone to contact me if they have a issue with my theme.
Download Here
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To respond to Naurto6, yes, I have been working on a new Kid theme, and finally getting around to also updating a updated Soul Eater theme based around the one currently hosted by Wasgoed ( so it features more wallpapers and added the missing icons of todays firmware. I’ve already submitted them to a few theme sites, this one included of course. You should see it added sometime soon, doesnt usually take long to review and upload the themes. πŸ™‚




i freaking love this theme soul eater was an awesome show, also wondering if you had any plans for more soul eater themes