Rurou No Senshi (Queen’s Blade)

Theme by ShadowSkilz

The best Ecchi show ever: queen’s blade. 16 HD wallpaper and custom rainbow icons. For my other themes just write my name in the search area
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i have seen alot of your themes on here doubt you will even get this or no but i am a die hard Queen’s blade fan and i have a few things to ask about your thing i would love to mix your icons with a mixer of my own pix that is a mix of everyones themes but i can’t figure the builder out so if there is anyway you could help me please email me at


hey some of ur hentai themes have guy parts could u make them without the guy parts? if no its cool just asking


Man thank you, I appreciate.


very exciting ! Thanks for your work


Thanks a lot. I really loved the show. But not as much as Ikkitousen, I gotta admit… 😉


Lol, man I was watching this anime last month too. Pretty ecchi all the way.

Nice choice, and props all the way.


That’s my favorate one: Melona.
I like Echidna too.

Thank you for your comment (as usual 😉 )


seeing this makes me wat 2 watch tha show dam they BAD!!!!