Ranma 1/2

Theme by Mavrickjubei

Since I have yet to find a Ranma 1/2 theme on the net, I thought I’d take a crack at it. This is one of the funniest anime out there. Google it to know more. This theme has 8 HD/SD images. This was made with P3Tbuilder for the Mac. I haven’t figured out how to make custom icons with it yet. Any help is much appreciated. I’ll be working on more. Enjoy!
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nice theme man can you make another one or a dynamic ranma theme would be great please make one more ranma theme

hector meneses

GIMP is an excellent choice to make custom icons, and also is free


search for some awesome backgrounds,.and the key are the icons


Nice theme, mate!
I loved Ranma when I was young (especially the “red haired girl” :P)…

As for the icons, well… you just need a pretty decent graphic program: for example, I use “RealWorld PaintCOM” which is free and user friendly, but has professional features.
Also, as I always say to all those who start making themes, a good amount of imagination is the most important thing to achieve what you would really want to make in a theme.

So… welcome aboard, mate! 😀


Me too! More on the way! Thanks for the comment!


Nice, Love this anime. Good work on the theme.


Nice, Love this anime. Good work on the theme.