One Piece All Nakama Dynamic Theme

Theme by Sentiel

Dynamic theme based on the anime One Piece. Featuring wallpaper of the original and new crew, their respective pirate flags as icons, with dynamic series logo on the right side of the screen.
Download Here
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amazing theme mate thanks alot ….

Imfamous Ace

Nevermind I Figured It Out. Awesome theme! and Awesome Wallpaper!

Imfamous Ace

@-.- Sentiel, Is there anyway you can send me just the wallpaper? Or is there anyway you can tell me where to find it? Or is there anyway you can upload just the wallpaper? I love this theme, i have it on my ps3 but i need that wallpaper for my laptop! i pimped out my laptop with one piece sounds and themes and different wallpapers. This wallpaper is the only thing need to complete it. i tired extracting the wallpaper but it doesn’t work. the jpeg file is corrupt and it doesn’t extract. it just extracts a corrupt file… Read more »


I’m sorry, i’m not a big fan of custom sounds in themes. :/


awesome themes,can you put one piece music?


I have to admit i don’t make wallpapers my themes use. I only make icons and dynamic features. This particular wallpaper was found randomly on net, only thing i did is that i recolored backgrounds behind characters.
I’m glad you like it. ^^


really love the design on this one it looks hella sick