MANGA moonlight

Theme by SONY/ update by montage mik

couldnt get rid of jagged edges from manga fix so tried this & i like it. 3 baks hd + sd
Download Here

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Any chance to have PowerSave icon from FW 2.52?

Montage Mik

to Eagle 1,
explained fully on your “Addams” theme.check it out

Montage Mik

NO PROBLEM EAGLE 1 . will keep making themes but WON’T be posting here again HAPPY NOW??? Bye


Mik, I noticed your comment on the theme that I created for my son(Addams). You make nice themes, however I did not appreciate your comment. I havent created alot of my own icons and I thank those who I have borrowed icons from. If you have a suggestion or a nice comment feel free to send them, otherwise I would thank you to keep it to yourself. Keep making awesome themes Mik.


i like blue color


This is nice, montage! I like the soft blue!