Love Live! Customed Theme Project

Theme by Senya Saigyouji

This theme looked a lot better on my toaster craptop monitor than an actual XMB. Oh well.

So anyway, here it is: my latest disasterpiece as an ode to one of my recently favorited Chinese Cartoons, near and dear to my arteries. It was a rude awakening when I came back from a 13-month slumber, just to bring you this before taking another dirt nap, but someone had to do it.

Why bother you ask?

Well… It’s because I Nico-Nico-Love you, silly! Almost as much as Maki!*

As usual, look forward to the consistent QUALITY included my releases, featuring, but are not limited to:

– A mix-and-match of icons from random sources, patched together into a disarray of madness. Srsly, I ran out of material to work with and resorted to outside sources and some PS3 default icons.
– Oversaturated colors guaranteed to singe your pupils. I should’ve known better, but hey, at least the backgrounds aren’t modified, amirite?
– 4 backgrounds total. All HD-only. Just an example of me keeping in mind to those less fortunate.
– And no sound effects.

Until next time then. Keep Honkers, Love Livers.

* Editor’s Note: I hate Maki.
Download Here

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