Lelouch Vi Britannia

Theme by Akallabeth

This is my first theme, based around Lelouch from Code Geass. It contains basic custom icons based off of the standard XMB set, custom cursors for browser, and a single custom HD background. I claim nothing aside from the assembling of these elements. Rights for images used go to Chris Lejman for “Personal Jesus”, Ukiyo for “Geass Eye”, and Sony Computer Entertainment for the original XMB icon set.
Download Here
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thanks u man nice i love Code geass i hope u make more theme about this anime is just epic !


Good job.
I love Code Geass & this is a really good theme! ^^


This is Awesome I came here looking for a code geass theme!!!

Thank you Keep creating 😀


Good job. I like it. I’m not familiar with Code Geass, but I like how the image fits with the icon navigation and the colors. +1


love it