Izayoi Miku Date A Live II

Theme by Zadkiel

– 6 backgrounds HD & SD
– different sounds
– full handmade icons
Download Here
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you’re welcome


thanks Zadkiel


it happens with other themes or just with my theme???? anyway, you should create a new folder named PS3 then inside of this you should create other folder named THEME, paste the theme in this last folder and go to your PS3, now the theme is visible


when I put the usb in the ps3 it looks like it doesn’t recognize the theme what do I do?


thanks for your words Mithos, I really like the design of this kind of things and about my name, well, Zadkiel is Yoshino’sa angel. Good Luck

Senya Saigyouji

Not that my opinion is worth anything, but this is an exceptionally well-made theme. Sound and backgrounds are excellent, especially the icons. Very elaborately crafted and pleasing to the eye. Love the esoteric reference behind your name by the way; Kurumi’s angel if I’m not mistaken? Anyway, +1