HOTD Girls Summertime

Theme by AkiraRyuzn

That a trip to the beach with the girls of Highschool Of The Dead.
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I just finished my moddified version of the HOTD Girls Summertime theme. Sorry for the wait. It will be on here in about a week and it got 3 backgrounds for both HD and SD this time.


Hi and thanks for the comments. πŸ™‚ For pitcher10: Hello! ^_^ For HallowBatttousai: Ok. I may not have a PS3 but my friend does. He won’t mind that I add you on his PS3. Thanks πŸ™‚ For TheLoneWolf989: I haven’t gotten any updates on when HOTD season 2 would come out. I am waiting for it to arrive as well. For Light: 1 for both versions, but the image you see on here is for the HD and for the SD, it’s the one with the girls hanging out on the beach during a sunset. It’s my first time making… Read more »




: Hi πŸ™‚ I just got your message, sorry its a really late reply I just checked my inbox on my youtube account. if you have any question you can add me on the PS3: RelinquishedVoid.


They said it would be coming out this summer, so far nothing. Please tell me the station hasn’t cancelled again.


how many themes this got?


damn thats hot ,clevage yeah