Guyver HD

Theme by HollowBattousai

This theme comes with 6 HD backgrounds, icons are designed after the 2005 anime reboot logo.
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:* I mispelled your name trying to type fast. XD

here is the link to season 2.


: I really liked that anime season 2 has already been announced, can’t Wait!!! and yeah I’ll make it for you I will upload it asap.

: Right now I’m only working on anime/comic themes.


Hi dude! really like your stuff and dlled a whole bunch. Really great work that you put out. I think i posted another comment but that was on a project you did a year ago so… In case it didnt get through, I just thought I would leave another just in case! Sorry! When you have time to spare could you consider doing a Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabu Kome wa Machigatteiru Slide show theme! Thanks a whole bunch!


Would you mind making a theme of Kate Hudson & Demi Moore with pics from her movie “Striptease” please and thank you


Mellor: I work on themes as people request them, I will not push back a theme that was requested earlier so that I can make a new request first. I’m working on your requests right now but I had to finish a few themes that have been requested on my blog some time ago. I don’t work on themes 24/7 since I also have to deal with family and friends, because of this I will have projects take longer than usual.

Lee Mellor

Hollow im still waiting on Fairy Fencer F slideshow and Ar No surge. where is it?


Yeah I know what you mean, I’ve been a big Guyver fan since I watched the 80’s anime and the movies. I hope to see this series back I really like the manga and I wish we could see what happens next fully animated. 😀


sorry anime lol


It’s nice to finally see The Guyver back in demand as a theme. The Show was great & the 2nd movie was good too, nvr saw the 1st with Mark Hamill or the original cartoon