Gundam Banshee Unicorn Animated Theme (Windowed Version)

Theme by xdarkgeox

Gundam Banshee Unicorn Animated theme is a sequel to my Gundam Unicorn Animated Theme there is two other versions of this this theme which is Full and Slide Show which can be found here:

this is only the windowed version i am not uploading the other two versions download the file in the description if you want it but winrar is required

Theme by xdarkgeox
Icons extracted from Lepord theme
Requested by Mecha Lupin
Download Here


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it was brought to my attention that the extra files to this theme that i made was taken down by a third party company. I re-uploaded the extra versions files to this theme here:


hey what video format do you do your themes in mines always come out blurry 🙁


I tried to do a custom edit for my personal use using either Destroy Gundam, Strike Freedom, or Psycho Gundam and failed miserably… Would you do the courtesy of releasing those as well? Any of the three would make me happy. Dynamic if possible.


Could you make a G Gundam theme? (Dynamic preferable)